Bravery Tapes by Jens Erik Gould

As a journalist, Jens Erik Gould has covered some of the world’s most harrowing social, political and economic issues and their impact on ordinary human beings. As a singer songwriter, Jens uses music to share stories and generate social change. Bravery Tapes combines the two. The web series brings video audiences up close and personal glimpses at the surprising courage and extraordinary perseverance of so-called ordinary individuals in the face of adversity.


With each episode of Bravery Tapes, Jens Erik Gould takes viewers on an emotional tour of the human struggle, venturing to places of unimaginable violence, disease or social paralysis and documenting the surprising and inspiring courage of people who manage to face down terror, find focus in uncertainty and regain power over their lives. In doing so, he aims to inspire viewers to find courage in their own pursuits.  


As a reporter for Bloomberg, The New York Times and other news outlets, Jens always felt inspired when his reporting crossed paths with people who were brave and exceptional. He decided that rather than keep it happenstance, he wanted to deliberately seek out these kinds of stories.


It’s inspiring to watch people doing acts of courage because it shows us the resilience of the human spirit. Acts of bravery and courage occur all around us in our daily lives—on our streets, in our office buildings, in our homes. Many times we don’t even know they’re happening, but when we do they give us goose bumps.


With Bravery Tapes, Jens Erik Gould uncovers these stories and acquaints us with them in hopes that they’ll inspire more bravery in all of us.