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Jens is a political, business and entertainment writer and editor who has reported from a dozen countries for media outlets including The New York Times, National Public Radio and Bloomberg News. As a reporter, he has interviewed presidents, government ministers, governors, central bankers, corporate CEOs and pop stars. As an editor, he has managed a team of 15 people publishing daily content. 

Jens Erik Gould began his journalism career with an op-ed he published in the Santa Fe New Mexican in 2003 after completing a Fulbright grant in Europe. In the piece, Jens urged his fellow Americans to become more educated about other countries and cultures, arguing that this would help reduce bias and broaden perspectives about the world at a time when the U.S. was beginning its war on terror abroad.

Jens Erik Gould

Jens would soon put that ideal into practice by becoming a foreign correspondent. First, he covered Hugo Chavez from Caracas, where he was a regular contributor to The New York Times’ Business Day, TIME Magazine and National Public Radio between 2005 and 2008. He also covered the Venezuelan and global oil industry for Argus and Platts. From 2008 until 2011, Jens was a staff correspondent for Bloomberg News in Mexico City, covering Mexican politics, economy and drug war.


Jens then returned to his hometown of Los Angeles, where he covered California politics and general news for TIME Magazine and, interviewing a broad array of figures from state Governor Jerry Brown to actor Matt Damon. He was also producer of the web series Bravery Tapes, which documents tales of people who rise up against tremendous adversity. 


Jens has received two Pulitzer Center grants to report on global health issues in Honduras and Vietnam. He has an Honors undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and has received a Fulbright scholarship.

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